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Contacting Double Take Salon, LLC

You are always able to leave a message on my answering machine at
(608) 288-8253(TAKE).
(For new clients calling)
Note: Whenever I am with a client, my answering machine will come on because I am unable to pick up. This allows me to give the client I am with 100% of my attention. Please leave me your name, number, and a detailed message. Please let me know what service(s) you would like, and what times and days work best with your schedule. That way when I call you back, (and if I get your machine) I can let you know what I have available during your time frame. This speeds up the process, especially when “phone-tag” occurs. Thank you for your understanding.

You can also contact me through email. My email address is
If you do email me, I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I try to check my mail at least once a day. Please DO NOT use the email if you are rescheduling or canceling an appointment 24 hours or less before your appointment. Always call my answering machine under these circumstances.

Melyssa Schroedl
Double Take Salon, LLC
2810 Maple View Drive
Madison, WI 53719